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Beginning Investors

Beginning investors come in all ages, and all levels of wealth.

  • A young couple that has a consistent, positive cash-flow.
  • A new retiree or seasoned worker with a retirement plan lump sum.
  • An entrepreneur who just sold a business.
  • A recipient of an inheritance or legal settlement.
  • A widowed or divorced spouse who has never managed the family's finances before.

Whatever the circumstances, if you're ready to start managing your own money, and you want advice and some practical help, contact me.

Depending on where you live, there may be dozens or hundreds of financial advisors available to serve you. You might benefit by talking to more than one, but sooner or later most people gravitate to one they trust best. Please refer to the pages Our First Conversation and Communication for an overview of how I try to build successful relationships. Decide in advance what your expectations are, and carefully evaluate how well anyone you speak with measures up.

Consider when you place your first independent investments, that wealth is like a garden, and most gardens don't start at the "wow" stage. If you start from where you are, carefully envision the end result, and are willing to work hard and sacrifice when needed, you can create a beautiful garden - and have the potential to reach your most important financial goals.

I'll help shovel, you place the seedlings: