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Politics and Values

Our nation is quite polarized politically, and there are many issues to work out in how our nation moves forward. People have very strong opinions as to how politics will affect not only the stock and bond markets but their hopes and fears about the future, and some ask me how their investment strategy should reflect this.

These concerns are serious and I always consider them important. But before changing a carefully considered investment plan, think first about your own life and goals.

  • Will your retirement plans change because you are elated or discouraged at the direction of our national politics?
  • Your career path?
  • Your need to protect your family against catastrophic events?

Most people answer these questions no, no, and no.

Now think of the long term future.

  • Will America still be a strong world economic leader in 20 years?
  • Will there be strong global growth in that time?
  • Will there be revolutionary technological innovations that help us live better lives?

Most people answer these questions yes, yes and yes.

If those are your answers, then in all likelihood, I think the plan that was right for you recently is probably mostly right for you today. If particular changes are warranted, we can consider them together.

We all care about the future of our country and its governance, and I am happy to discuss your concerns without judgment. Aligning your investments with your political, social or religious values can be an important consideration in an investment plan, and is often referred to as "socially responsible investing", or "SRI". If you wish, I can help you sort through these issues to create a plan that reflects your values and your beliefs about the future, without compromising your investment principles.

That conversation starts here: