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Social Security

Social Security is a critical component of retirement income planning. Many people are not aware of all their options as to how and when to apply for Social Security retirement benefits - and how to put a value on each option. The result of not knowing could be "leaving money on the table". Everybody wants and deserves to get the most value from their Social Security benefit. After all, you've been paying FICA taxes into the system since you drew your first paycheck.

Waddell & Reed offers Social Security Explorer, an analytical tool that presents your options in clear, year-by-year format in as many scenarios as you care to run. For those who are divorced or widowed and remarried, and their spouses, the number of options can be especially dizzying. Client who go through this process with me can gain some important perspective on their options.

There is no charge for this service, and it can be very helpful on its own. However, it often raises questions that can only be answered adequately by a cash flow and tax-sensitive retirement financial plan, which under some circumstances can involve a fee. Please see the links Retirement Planning and How I'm Paid for details.

To benefit from Social Security Explorer, you first must know your Full Retirement Age Social Security benefit. This link explains how to access this information from the Social Security website, and if you have any difficulty, I can help you here in the office.

For a complimentary, no obligation consultation on Social Security please contact me here.